Application Notes and Publications

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Application Note 10 - Safety Features of the KE Test & Trace Products

Application Note 11 - Understanding the Voltage Rating of KE Products

Application Note 12 - Stand-alone Testing of DSL Modems Using KE3400

Application Note 13 - Using the Base Capabilities of the KE3400B to Troubleshoot DSL

Application Note 14 - Intro to the KECT1 Copper Test Option

Application Note 15 - Choosing KE3400B Options

Application Note 16 - Tracing Coax Cabling with KE801 Laser Tracer

Application Note 17 - Using the Latest Version of KE801: Laser Tracer Plus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Basic Cable & Wire Tracing

Dr DSL White Paper on ADSL/VDSL Diagnostics

Cross-reference to Kurth Electronic Test Products

Comparison Chart for Ethernet LAN Testers

Kurth Electronic North American Short Form Catalog for 2012 (1 MB PDF)

Setting the KE7200 LAN Inspector™ Screen to English

Test & Trace User Guide

POECheck User Guide

KE3400B User Quick Reference