Rugged Cable Finder Test & Trace Kit, Model KE301

The KE301 Cable Finder is a rugged Test & Trace Kit that includes as standard features like a probe with a quick-change 110-block tip, headlight and headset jack. The Tester finds voltage, short circuits and sends any of four powerful tracing tones. 2-year warranty.

At a glance

  • Over voltage protection up to 120 V AC/DC
  • Tone tracing over live lines and Ethernet
  • Probe tip goes into 110 blocks
  • Cable tracking even inside walls
  • Continuity (short circuit) test
  • Alligator clips and RJ11 connector
  • Probe headlight for fast, safe tracing in dim light
  • Signal strength LED on Probe


Phone: 1-877-234-7081

Fax: 1-877-234-7080

E-mail: info(AT)

Technical Features
Optional Accessories

Probably the best Cable Test & Trace Kit on the market for the price.
Easy to use, top features, rugged and warranted for 2 years. A reliable outstanding value.

Download spec sheet here
Download tri-lingual user manual here

Five +12 dBm tracing tones selectable from the front panel:
  SOLID 1000 Hz
  ALT 1000/800 Hz
  SOLID 2600 Hz
  ALT 2600/1900 Hz
  SOLID 577.5 Hz (Special US Telco Frequency)

Modular plug is safe with both RJ11 and RJ45 size jacks.

Probe headlight comes on when the trace button is down, and is color-correct.

Probe has advanced 60 Hz power hum rejection.

Both units use one 9 V battery (not included).

Both units are weather-resistant.

Durable carry pouch

Spare tips (3-pack)
Earpiece for Probe