Cat Tracker™ for Ethernet LAN Cabling, Model KE701

The Cat Tracker™ Test & Trace Kit represents a new generation from the older telephone industry tracers -- with LAN testing capability, new safety features and rugged design.

  • 500-volt rated with high-voltage warning
  • LAN sensing and Link LED blinking
  • Traces right up to the hub or switch
  • Headlight and headset jack on probe
  • Audible short circuit check


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Fax: 1-877-234-7080

E-mail: info(AT)

Technical Details

The KE720 and KE310 probe found in the KE701 kit are next generation Test & Trace devices that go beyond the older telephone-generation tracing products.

 - Tool-box durability

 - Weather and crush resistance

 - 500 V foreign voltage rating with audible/visible warning

 - LAN sensing and tracking

 - Live tone trace right up to the hub or switch

 - Audible resistance checking

 - Battery saver

Get the data sheet here.

Get the user guide here.

The Tester will not be damaged by accidental connection of up to 500 V when tracing.

These weather and crush resistant units are warranted for two years.

KE720 Tester senses Ethernet termination and blinks the Link LED at the switch as an alternative to tone tracing.

Four +10 dBm tracing tones can be selected from the front panel:

   577 Hz, 2600 Hz, 880/1000 Hz, 1900/2600 Hz

Battery saver selectable on the Tester.

Headlight and headset jack standard on the KE310 probe.

Probe's fine tip will reach into 110 terminal blocks.

Durable carry pouch.

Spare tips (3 pack) for the probe.

Earpiece for probe.